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My shared Apple playlists

Some of my shared Apple playlist:



Using excel to manage a class list and calculate test and exam marks

Video 1: How to freeze headers and sort data.

Video 2: How to calculate and display percentages in excel

Video 3: How to use the average and countif functions in excel

Video 4: How to filter data in an excel sheet

Video 5: Using the sum function to calculate totals in excel

Video 6: How to merge data (concatenate function) and hide columns in excel

Setting up Instagram activity status on iPhone / IOS

Add text overlay to a picture directly in Word

A short video explaining how to easily add text onto a picture in your Word document.

Using PowerPoint in iMovie and voice-over

A video on exporting a PowerPoint presentation to iMovie and adding a voice-over track.
This is quick way to utilize PowerPoint animation in your iMovie project.
How to export a PowerPoint presentation to movie.
How to add a voice-over to a movie.



How to manually order / sort youtube playlists

Vodacom optical fibre broadband network installation, South Africa

How to manually order / sort your youtube videos within a playlist

Read Comics on your iPad without iTunes

Use the Comic Flow app to easily upload your comic files to read on your iPad

How to create your own digital comics.

Creating your own digital comics is very easy once you have the image files!