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Bloodborne: Blocking an attack by rolling

Examples of blocking the attack of smaller enemies by rolling into them.

Funny toilet takedown in Wolfenstein: The New Order

Bloodborne: How to perform a jump attack

While pressing the R2 attack button, move the left stick forward.

How to kill Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne

How to perform a visceral attack in Bloodborne for an easy kill

A visceral attack is a good tactic when facing the bigger enemies in Bloodborne. To pull this off, wait until the enemy attack and then parry the attack with a gunshot. Then follow it up with a R1 attack.

How to kill the Cleric Beast in Bloodborne

Bloodborne: Killing 5 guys without lifting a finger using the fireball boobytrap

Learning from your experiences are a big part of Bloodborne.  Here I got mobbed by 5 guys and a boobytrap.  I then returned to get my revenge in the laziest way possible.

Bloodborne: How to kill a Brick Troll with one hit.

How to perform a sneak attack / backstab in Bloodborne

How to kill the 2 wolves on the Bridge in Bloodborne