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Bloodborne, Rom the vacuous spider

Bloodborne, Hunter of Byrgenwerth

Bloodborne, Machine gun hunter

Bloodborne, Killing the 2 Hunters near the Cathedral

Bloodborne, Killing the Witch of Hemwick

Bloodborne, Kiling Vicar Amelia

Bloodborne, Co-op / Multiplayer killing the Blood-starved Beast (BSB)

In the video a used the Beckoning bell to summoned some help to defeat a Boss, The Blood-starved Beast. After ringing the bell I waited about 4min before another player joined my session.

Bloodborne: Open Hemwick Charnel Lane shortcut

Bloodborne: Location of the flamesprayer / flamethower

Have a chat with Gilbert after defeating Father Gascoigne to get the flamethrower.

Bloodborne: Blocking an attack by rolling

Examples of blocking the attack of smaller enemies by rolling into them.