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Battlefield 1 – Shooting down a plane as a sniper

Some of my early battlefield 1 highlights

Here’s some of my Battlefield 1 gameplay (PS4).  My favorite class is the scout (sniper) class.

Battlefield 4 Gameplay

Some battlefield 4 gameplay I collected over the past few months.

Battlefield 1 Beta

I played some of the Battlefield 1 beta and it was great fun.  Here are some of my videos.  I played mostly as a sniper.

Chasing a horse with a tank!

Some highlights of my 1st day with the Battlefield 1 open beta on PS4. Playing as sniper. Flamethrower kill, Anti-aircraft gun and a bayonet kill.

13 minutes of FIFA 17 gameplay – The Journey

Gameplay from the FIFA 17 demo on PS4. The journey. Its the career mode and its the 13minutes where your player makes his debut for Manchester United against Chelsea.

Killing rebel scum for Lord Vader

My first kill in Battlefront – PS4


4 headshot kills in reflex mode

Zebra darting and extracting in MGS V

2nd Compilation Sniper kills

Stuck an enemy in COD and he exploded mid-air