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Using PowerPoint in iMovie and voice-over

A video on exporting a PowerPoint presentation to iMovie and adding a voice-over track.
This is quick way to utilize PowerPoint animation in your iMovie project.
How to export a PowerPoint presentation to movie.
How to add a voice-over to a movie.



Hand turned pen – African Red Ivory

How to turn a pen from start to finish.


How to manually order / sort youtube playlists

Vodacom optical fibre broadband network installation, South Africa

How to manually order / sort your youtube videos within a playlist

Bloodborne: Open Hemwick Charnel Lane shortcut

Bloodborne: Location of the flamesprayer / flamethower

Have a chat with Gilbert after defeating Father Gascoigne to get the flamethrower.

Read Comics on your iPad without iTunes

Use the Comic Flow app to easily upload your comic files to read on your iPad

How to create your own digital comics.

Creating your own digital comics is very easy once you have the image files!

Bloodborne: How to perform a jump attack

While pressing the R2 attack button, move the left stick forward.