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13 minutes of FIFA 17 gameplay – The Journey

Gameplay from the FIFA 17 demo on PS4. The journey. Its the career mode and its the 13minutes where your player makes his debut for Manchester United against Chelsea.

Using PowerPoint in iMovie and voice-over

A video on exporting a PowerPoint presentation to iMovie and adding a voice-over track.
This is quick way to utilize PowerPoint animation in your iMovie project.
How to export a PowerPoint presentation to movie.
How to add a voice-over to a movie.



Hand turned pen – African Red Ivory

How to turn a pen from start to finish.


Killing rebel scum for Lord Vader

My first kill in Battlefront – PS4


How to manually order / sort youtube playlists

4 headshot kills in reflex mode

Zebra darting and extracting in MGS V

Vodacom optical fibre broadband network installation, South Africa

2nd Compilation Sniper kills

Stuck an enemy in COD and he exploded mid-air