Kegging and carbonating the Oktoberfest lager

3 weeks ago I posted on the Oktoberfest lager I brewed from the Morgan’s kits. (click here for the post).

This weekend the beer was ready to keg.  To start I tested the gravity  of the brew and once it was stable over 2 days I moved it to a sterilized bottling bucket and added some finings.  This help to increase the final clarity of the beer.





I kept in the bottling bucket for 3 days and then prepared my keg.

After cleaning the keg, I sterilize it.  During this process I also remove the beer tap and ball-lock disconnect and properly clean them.  I then run some for the sanitizer though the beerline to clean it as well.




Once the keg is sanitized, I transfer the beer to it and label the keg.





I transfer the keg to the keezer and remove the little bit of air at the top by using 30psi CO2 and bleeding the safety valve a little bit.



Once the beer is cooled down after about 3-4 hours, I will add the CO2 again at 30psi for an hour and then remove it for an hour.  I repeat this process until the required level of carbonation is achieved.




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