Homebrew supplies in South Africa for extract brewing

Being in Bloemfontein, I need to buy homebrew equipment and supplies from various shops in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng as there is currently no physical shop here.   Luckily I’ve found some great shops online that ships to Bloemfontein with great service and products.  Here’s a list of shops that I use.  If you know of any others – please feel free to comment.

General equipment and supplies:

I started with a Coopers DIY Kit bought from BeerBros (http://beerbros.co.za/).  The Coopers Kit is a good start as it includes PET bottles.  BeerBros also stock various supplies and equipment as well as Coopers DIY beer Kits.

I recently discovered Brew for Africa (http://www.brewforafrica.co.za/) and they are stockist (among other supplies) of the Morgan’s Beer kits.  I’ve made a few beers from these kits and their quality is excellent.  Their prices is also some of the most competitive around.  They also stock Apple Cider kits that is easy to use and taste really great.

Beerlab (http://www.beerlab.co.za/) is another supplier I use and they also have various beer product to choose from.


To built my keezer, I used supplies from Keg Solutions (http://kegsolutions.co.za/) and Draught Craft (http://draughtcraft.co.za/).  Draught Craft were the only supplier I could find that was able to ship a CO2 canister to me for carbonation and dispensing.

There are loads of other suppliers out there, so please drop me a line if you have a favorite.


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  1. Hi. I am also a Brewer on a farm close to Bloemfontein. I realy wish there was a Homebrew Shop in Bloemfontein. It is very expensive to buy Bulk ingredients from The other Cities. The Coerier costs are just too high.

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