Bloodborne: Location of the flamesprayer / flamethower

Have a chat with Gilbert after defeating Father Gascoigne to get the flamethrower.

Bloodborne: Blocking an attack by rolling

Examples of blocking the attack of smaller enemies by rolling into them.

Funny toilet takedown in Wolfenstein: The New Order

Read Comics on your iPad without iTunes

Use the Comic Flow app to easily upload your comic files to read on your iPad

How to create your own digital comics.

Creating your own digital comics is very easy once you have the image files!

Bloodborne: How to perform a jump attack

While pressing the R2 attack button, move the left stick forward.

How to kill Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne

How to perform a visceral attack in Bloodborne for an easy kill

A visceral attack is a good tactic when facing the bigger enemies in Bloodborne. To pull this off, wait until the enemy attack and then parry the attack with a gunshot. Then follow it up with a R1 attack.

Setup a cloud drive on your tablet or smartphone

Here’s a follow-up video from the “setup a cloud drive on Windows 8 and OSX video:

This will describe the steps to access your drive from your mobile device, edit and upload your files.

How to kill the Cleric Beast in Bloodborne